Signatories to the Position Statement on Controlled Digital Lending by Libraries


  • Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) Board of Directors
  • Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Library
  • Asociación Nacional de Bibliotecarios, Archivistas y Afines de Venezuela (ANBAA)
  • Association of Research Libraries
  • Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
  • Authors Alliance
  • Better World Books
  • Boston Public Library
  • Califa Group
  • California Digital Library
  • California State University Libraries
  • Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
  • Chief Officers of State Library Agencies
  • City University of New York Office of Library Services
  • Clemson University
  • College of Staten Island, CUNY
  • Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
  • Cornell University Library
  • Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors (CCALD)
  • Digital Library Federation
  • Digital Public Library of America
  • Duke University Libraries
  • EveryLibrary
  • Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC)
  • Fondazione Casa di Oriani - Ravenna
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Gutman Library
  • Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)
  • Internet Archive
  • Internet Archive Canada
  • Ithaca College Library
  • James Madison University
  • Johns Hopkins University Libraries
  • Kalamazoo College Library
  • LaGuardia Community College Library Department
  • Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA)
  • Lehigh University Library
  • Lore Media Inc
  • Los Angeles Public Library
  • LSU Libraries
  • Metropolitan New York Library Council
  • Multnomah County Library
  • NCSU Libraries
  • New York Theological Seminary
  • Open Humanities Press
  • Phillips Academy, Andover, Oliver Wendell Holmes Library
  • Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County
  • Sacramento Public Library
  • San Francisco Public Library
  • South Central Regional Library Council
  • St. Mary's County Library
  • Substance Abuse Librarians & Information Specialists (SALIS)
  • Texas A&M University
  • The Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors (CCALD)
  • UC Berkeley Library
  • UC Davis Library
  • UC Riverside Library
  • UC San Francisco Library
  • UC Santa Barbara
  • UConn Library
  • UNC Chapel Hill Libraries
  • University of Oklahoma Libraries
  • University of Colorado - Boulder
  • University of Kansas Libraries
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, University Libraries
  • Ursula C. Schwerin Library, NYC College of Technology, City University of New York
  • Vermont Mutual Aid Society


  • Matt Abbott
    Hamilton Public Library
    Manager, Collections & Extension Services
  • Yasmine Abou-El-Kheir
    Chicago Theological Seminary
    Director, Lapp Learning Commons
  • Beth Adelman
    University at Buffalo School of Law
    Director of Charles B. Sears Law Library and Vice Dean for Legal Information Services
  • Maria Aghazarian
    Swarthmore College Libraries
    Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • Jaime Anderson
    Sonoma County Library
    Collection Services Division Manager
  • Jonathan Askin
    Brooklyn Law School
    Professor of Clinical Law
  • Neal Baker
    Earlham College
    Library Director
  • Alexis Beaman
    University of Oklahoma Libraries
    Interlibrary Loan Manager
  • Melissa J. Bernstein
    James E. Faust Law Library, S.J. Quinney College of Law University of Utah
    Library Director and Professor of Law
  • Howard Besser
    New York University
    Professor of Cinema Studies & Founding Director of Moving Image Archiving & Preservation
  • Chris Bourg
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Director of Libraries
  • Jessie Wallace Burchfield
    Bowen School of Law Library University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Associate Dean for Information and Technology Services, Law Library Director and Associate Professor of Law
  • Simon Canick
    University of Maryland, Francis King Carey School of Law
    Associate Dean for Law Library and Technology and Law School Professor
  • James Anthony Carneiro
    Digital Lending Advocate
  • Daniel Clarkson Fisher
    Western University
    MLIS student
  • Daniel Clarkson Fisher
    Western University
    MLIS student
  • Julie E. Cohen
    Georgetown Law
    Mark Claster Mamolen Professor of Law and Technology
  • Perry Collins
    University of Florida
    Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • Lindsay Cronk
    University Of Rochester
    Head of Collection Strategies and Scholarly Communications
  • Robert Darnton
    Harvard University
    Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor, Emeritus and University Librarian, Emeritus
  • Tony Del Monaco
    Hamilton Public Library
    Director, Finance & Facilities
  • Melinda Dolan
    Phillips Exeter Academy Library
    Systems Coordinator Librarian
  • Tinghui Duan
    Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Tinghui Duan
    Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
    Research Assistant
  • Ellen Dubinsky
    University of Arizona
    Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Corie Dugas
    NELLCO Law Library Consortium, Inc.
    Executive Director
  • Heather Edmonds
    New England College of Optometry Library
    Director of Library Services
  • Nancy Falciani-White
    McGraw-Page Library, Randolph-Macon College
    Library Director
  • Joshua Finnell
    Colgate University
    Interim Associate University Librarian
  • Arturo E. García Niño
    Universidad Veracruzana, México
    Doctor en Historia y estudios Regionales, Profesor Investigador
  • Elizabeth Townsend Gard
    Tulane University Law School
    Jill. H and Avram A. Glazer Professor in Social Entrepreneurship, Co-Director, Tulane Center for IP, Media & Culture
  • Justin A. Gardner
    APH Migel Collection
    Special Collections and Cataloging Librarian
  • Nicholas Gardner
    Potomac State College
    Library Director
  • Laureano Gomez
  • Cheryl Gowing
    University of Miami
    Assoc.,Dean, Library Information Systems & Facilities
  • Stephanie Gross
    Yeshiva University
  • Paul Heald
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Law
    Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Professor of Law
  • Kristen Heldmann
    Emporia State University
    graduate student
  • Robert Heyer-Gray
    University of California, Davis
    Head of Collection Strategies
  • Robert Heyer-Gray
    University of California, Davis
    Head of Collection Strategies
  • Adrian Ho
    University of Kentucky Libraries
    Director of Digital Scholarship
  • Alex R. Hodges
    Harvard University
    HGSE Faculty & Director, Gutman Library
  • Peggy Hoon
    Louisiana State University
    Director of Copyright Policy and Education
  • Amber Hudson
    Sr. System Safety/Human Factors Engineer
  • Ulysses Jaen
    Ave Maria Law
    Director & Associate professor
  • Faye E. Jones
    Albert E. Jenner Memorial Law Library University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign College of Law
    Director and Clinical Professor of Law
  • Brian Kaggwa
  • Ariel Katz
    University of Toronto
    Associate Professor, Innovation Chair in Electronic Commerce Faculty of Law
  • Jocelyn Kennedy
    Harvard Law School Library
    Executive Director
  • Mothupi Kgatshe
    Guluva - Online
  • Rebekah Kim
    California Academy of Sciences
    Head Librarian
  • Matthew Kopel
    Cornell University Library
    Copyright Specialist
  • Breac Krash
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Associate Dean, Content & Discovery, Univesity Libraries
  • Cindy Kristof
    Kent State University
    Head, Copyright & Scholarly Communication
  • Renee Kuhles
    Austin Community College
    Faculty Librarian
  • Shruti Kulkarni
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Sue Kunda
    Western Oregon University
    Scholarly Communication and Social Science Librarian
  • Meghan Kwast
    California Lutheran University
    Head of Collection Management Services
  • Lawrence Lessig
    Harvard Law School
    Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership
  • Yvette Joy Liebesman
    Saint Louis University School of Law
    Professor of Law
  • Allison R Lightfoot
    Story Library at Central Baptist College
    Public Services Librarian
  • Adriene Lim
    University of Maryland, College Park
    Dean of University Libraries
  • Lydia Pallas Loren
    Lewis & Clark Law School
    Henry J. Casey Professor of Law
  • Joe Lucia
    Temple University
    Dean of Librariws
  • Jeff MacKie-Mason
    University of California, Berkeley
    University Librarian, Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, Professor, School of Information and Professor of Economics
  • Stavros Macrakis
    Travel Guide Systems
  • Michael J. Madison
    University of Pittsburgh School of Law
    Professor of Law
  • Peter Mahler
    The Mahler-Vidal Archives
  • David B. Malone
    Calvin University
    Dean of the Library
  • Steven Mandeville-Gamble
    University of California, Riverside
    University Librarian
  • Amada MARCOS
    IE University
    Dean of Librarians
  • Howard C Marks
    Midland College
    Director, Learning Resource Center
  • Stephen Marsh
    Ontario Tech University
    Associate Professor of Trust Systems
  • Daria Masia
    Brent Libraries
  • Maurine McCourry
    Hillsdale College
    Library Director
  • Brian McMillan
    University of Western Ontario
    Director, Music Library
  • Laura McShane
    Cleveland Public Library
  • Rebecca Meng
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    Librarian, Document Delivery Services
  • Teresa Miguel-Stearns
    Yale Law School
    Law Librarian and Professor of Law
  • Karen Milligan
    Hamilton Public Library
    Manager, Local History & Archives
  • Lateef Mtima
    Howard University School of Law
    Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice
  • Silvio Muñoz
    Vicens Vives
    International Business Director
  • Victoria Murgante
    Essa Public Library
    Public Service Representative
  • Rebecca L Nesvet
    University of Wisconsin
  • Susan Nevelow Mart
    Colorado Law, University of Colorado - Boulder
    Associate Professor and Director of the Law Library
  • Bethany Nowviskie
    Digital Library Federation
    Director, Digital Library Federation
  • James O'Donnell
    Arizona State University
    University Librarian
  • Jim O'Donnell
    Arizona State University
    University Librarian
  • Romy Otayek
    Coop HEC
  • Aaron Perzanowski
    Case Western Reserve University School of Law
    Professor of Law
  • Leah Prescott
    Georgetown University Law Library
    Associate Law Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections
  • Raghavendra K R
    National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
    Head Resource Centre
  • Kenn Rabin
    Fulcrum Media Services
  • Dr. Priya Rai
    National Law University Delhi, India
    Head, Justice T.P.S. Cahwla Law Library
  • Barbara J Ramsay
    University of WI Law Library
    Evening / Weekend Supervisor
  • Wilhelmina Randtke
    Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative
    Digital Library Services and Open Educational Resources Coordinator
  • Blake E. Reid
    Colorado Law
    Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Rebecca Richardson
    Purdue University Libraries
    Assistant Dean for Collections and Access
  • Rebecca Richie
    Eternity Bible College
    Director of Student Resources
  • Michael Rodriguez
    University of Connecticut Library
    Collections Strategist
  • Jorge R. Roig
    Charleston School of Law
    Associate Professor of Law
  • Robert Roose
    Spokane Public Library
    Support Services Director
  • Aida Rudnik
    Hamilton Public Library
    Manager, Technical Services
  • Karen Rupp-Serrano
    University of Oklahoma Libraries
    Associate Dean, Scholarly Communication and Resources
  • Matthew Sag
    Loyola University Chicago School of Law
    Professor of Law
  • Pamela Samuelson
    University of California - Berkeley
    Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law and Information
  • Austin Schertz
    Better World Books
    Director of Development
  • Simone Schloss
    Teachers College Columbia University
    Assistant Acquisitions Librarian
  • Courtney Selby
    Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University Law Library
    Associate Dean for Information Services, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law
  • Chris Shaffer
    University of California, San Francisco
    University Librarian
  • Jeff Sharpe
    Internet Archive
    Senior Digitization Manager
  • Lea Shaver
    Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
    Professor of Law and Dean's Fellow
  • Jessica Silbey
    Northeastern University School of Law
    Professor of Law
  • Dr. Akash Singh
    National Law University Delhi
    Assistant Librarian
  • Robin N Sinn
    Johns Hopkins University
    Coordinator, Office of Scholarly Communication
  • Geoffrey Skinner
    Sonoma County Library
  • Monica Socol
    Hamilton Public Library
    Manager, Digital Technology Services
  • Stephen Spong
    Centennial College
    Copyright Services Librarian
  • Michelle Sprague
    Goffstown Public Library
    Adult Services & Outreach Library Assistant
  • Laurisa Stubblefield
    Boley Law Library, Lewis and Clark Law School
    Circulation and Resource Sharing Librarian
  • Peter Suber
    Harvard University
    Director, Office for Scholarly Communication
  • Laurie Taylor
    University of Florida
    Senior Director for Library Technology and Digital Strategies
  • Michelle Tian
    Princeton University
  • Samuel Trosow
    University of Western Ontario; Faculty of Law and Faculty of Information & Media Studies
    Associate Professor
  • Michelle M. Trumbo
    Legal Information Preservation Alliance
    Executive Director
  • Matt Upson
    Oklahoma State University Libraries
    Associate Dean, Research & Learning Services
  • Jennifer M. Urban
    University of California, Berkeley
    Clinical Professor of Law
  • Patrick R. Wallace
    Middlebury College
    Digital Projects & Archives Librarian
  • Amanda Watson
    University of Houston Law Center
    Director of the O'Quinn Law Library and Assistant Professor of Law
  • Lisa Radha Weaver
    Hamilton Public Library
    Director Collections and Program Development
  • Aly Wepplo
    The Community Library, Ketchum
    Media and Digital Librarian
  • Ronald E. Wheeler
    Boston University Law
    Director of Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries, Associate Professor of Law and Legal Research
  • Andrew White
    Wesleyan University
    University Librarian
  • Beth Williams
    Stanford Law School
    Senior Lecturer in Law, Director Robert Crown Law Library
  • Michael Wolfe
    Duke Law Center for the Study of the Public Domain
    Intellectual Property Fellow